September 2, 2020

The Randall’s Adventure & Training Advanced Bushcraft class has always been one of our most popular courses and despite Covid restrictions and inclement weather this

Coming Soon
August 30, 2020

ESEE Knives has answered requests from our customers and we have made some changes to some fan favorites for 2020.  We are expanding our stainless-steel offerings in S35

Cooking In Bamboo
April 3, 2020

In our recent Darien video we showed a simple way of cooking noodles in a section of bamboo.  In the past I had boiled water in bamboo and knew it was

The Expat Darien Machete
February 13, 2020

The new Darien machete from Expat Knives is named after the Darien province on the southeastern end of Panama that borders Colombia.  The area borderi

Land Nav Training Day
February 10, 2020

RAT-SAR instructors trained up another 17 students this past weekend in the art of land navigation.

ESEE's New Models
February 2, 2020

As you may have heard, in addition to the new 3D handles we are releasing on several of our models, ESEE Knives is also coming out with two knives in

Mountain SAR
January 21, 2020

RAT-SAR Team members recently participated in a Mountain SAR rescue class in North Carolina along with other search and rescue teams.

Rigging For Rescue
January 9, 2020

Members of the RAT-SAR team placed several much-needed bolts at Buck’s Pocket State Park (with the park’s blessings).

Making Jerky
December 28, 2019

By Patrick Rollins

Appreciation Letter
October 21, 2019

Sort of old news but our SAR team just received these in the mail and we thought it was pretty nice.