The public faces of TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc come from life-long experiences of working, training and traveling in the outdoors. All of them are adventurers, explorers, hikers, backpackers, shooters, SAR members and knife users who spend a great deal of their time working and honing their skills and designs on the trail. Our "office" and where we do most of our work is literally in the outdoors with a pack on our backs. No fancy desks, no suit and ties.

ESEE also has an awesome "behind-the-scenes" crew that ranges from office team members to assembly personnel and sales reps. They are indeed the lifeblood of ESEE and the company simply could not exist without their hard work and absolute attention to detail when it comes to taking care of the customer and end-user.

No one at ESEE / Randall's Adventure & Training is considered an “employee,” instead we are a family working together to bring the best products and services to regular folks just like ourselves. When you buy one of our products you can bet it has been designed, tested and used in the real world long before it hits the dealer’s shelf.

We welcome all suggestions and comments on how ESEE / Randall's Adventure & Training can improve our company and services. Feel free to drop us a note.


Jeff Randall Team Member Photo

Jeff Randall

Mike Perrin Team Member Photo

Mike Perrin

Wendy Randall Team Member Photo

Wendy Randall

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Patrick Rollins

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Shane Adams

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Bruce Bramlett