Wrat Wrench

If you missed this year’s SHOT show then you missed a new product that’s outside the norm for ESEE: the Wrat Wrench. Straight from the mind of Jeff Randall and born out of our time spent dangling on rope in caves and off cliffs, the WRAT Wrench is built to fit popular SAE sized climbing anchor bolts and quick links often found when practicing single rope technique.  With minimal weight and size, the WRAT Wrench can be clipped to a climbing or rescue harness and go unnoticed until needed. It’s available in 3 models: a Stainless Steel (made in the USA) version and two Titanium models (made in China).

The Wrat Wrench is the first of several new products designed for the climbing/caving/rescue markets. ESEE’s release of the Imlay rescue knife and micro anchor (rigging) plates will be coming very soon. A portion of the proceeds from all sales of this new line of gear will be donated to search and rescue.