Training Weekend

The hot temperatures didn’t keep the attendance down this past weekend at Randall’s Adventure & Training.  On Saturday, we had our biggest class to date for the Intro to Survival Course.  Students spent the day learning the basics of survival, building shelters, learning knife safety and use, and fire-making. For a few it was a refresher in the basics, but for many it was their first time trying some of the skills.  

Sunday was spent back outside learning the basics of Human Tracking.  After the classroom portion students learned what action indicators look like in the sand pit, learned clue awareness on the observation course, then were able to start applying the skills in the woods. The day ended with a final scenario where the class divided into two teams in order to locate two role-players posing as missing subjects. 

This was a monthly training weekend for RAT-SAR members as well.  Basic survival skills, and observation/clue awareness are very important skill sets for team members to have.  Rescuers never know when they might have to shelter in place.   Knowing how to rig up some overhead cover and get a fire going may be very crucial to the mission.

The classes we have always attract good folks who share an interest in the outdoors.  This past weekend was no exception!