Limited Resources Rescue

Jeff Randall, Kevin Reeves and Jason Lovvorn of the RAT team were back in North Carolina this past weekend to teach a SPAR / Limited Resources Rescue and SRT (Single Rope Technique) class for Southwestern Community College.

Working in Highlands, NC we had two full days with a lot of different techniques including traveling hauls, pickoffs using victim’s rope, high directionals, guided rappels, bottom up rescues, improvised anchors, rebelays, SRT climbing, take-down raps, breaking into mainlines, lightweight single rope systems, contingency lowers, buddy rappels, and a whole lot more. As always when it comes to North Carolina, we couldn’t ask for a better group of rescue technicians to work with. Oh, and it didn't pour down rain - that's a first for us!!

Special thanks to David Walker with Haywood County Search and Rescue for helping instruct the class and to Benji Johnson with Southwestern Community College for hosting it.