It's the journey, not the product

With our own prototyping shop and tensile test facility, we’ve started down the R&D road of lighter, stronger, and more compact equipment for lightweight mountain rescue and single rope technique aficionados. From mechanical advantage systems and portable high directionals to anchorage and new connectors, we have a few projects in the works that will eventually become production gear available to the general public.

The nice thing is not only can we take an idea from initial concept to working prototype, but we can also tensile test, break test, and stress test in a safe environment before we hook it up and prove it out in the real world.

As with knives and other outdoor equipment, rope gear and techniques are a passion of the ESEE / RAT team. We often spend our weekends testing new technical gear and concepts in all types of weather and conditions. The worst environments are usually where we have those “ah ha!” moments that lead to metal being machined, or nylon being sewn in our prototype shops.

Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time developing, testing, failing, then starting over to make a better product. In fact, the journey is what makes ESEE and RAT the companies they are, not the end product. Always be passionate about your journey.

Stay tuned. More cool stuff coming!