Going to the source

A journey to the Rowen facility is not an opportunity to pass up.  This is a family business in the truest of sense.  It is common to see dog toys and children toys in the mix of machines and people.  A solid greeting from Gus, the golden retriever, when you enter is expected but there will be more greetings once the pack accepts you as one of their own. Grandchildren and children will be playing as the Rowens manage work and family life seamlessly.  

As I walked around snapping photos of raw material to finished products, I noticed first how clean the machines and the floor was.  Not typical for a machine shop.  Second, each team member greeted me with a smile and a hello as I invaded their space with a camera.  Every Thursday Shon Rowen has a standing order for pizza delivery for the whole staff and he invited us to join them for lunch.  We laughed, told stories and dined on some fine pizza.  Once lunch was over the machines started back up and everyone took their places making tools for our future adventures.    

After using ESEE knives for years, going to the place where they all are created is a journey worth taking. Seeing the machines and people working in harmony of motion was a sight to behold.  Knowing the people behind each machine makes it even more special. Don't miss your opportunity to take the tour of the facility at the Idaho Backcountry Bushcraft class and factory tour on June 27-30 in Idaho Falls, ID.  

Enjoy some behind the curtain photos of the Rowen Facility and team:



Thank you for the trip report and great pictures, Strig!