2019 Idaho Bushcraft

The 2019 Backcountry Bushcraft class was a huge success! Students came from as far away as Nashville, Tennessee to take a tour of Rowen Manufacturing and learn many bushcraft and primitive skills. Shon Rowen led the tour of the facility and explained the entire process of making an ESEE knife. Students were then allowed to pick a model, assemble it, and watch their name get engraved on it. The next three days were spent learning many skills and camping in the mountains.  Whether it was learning primitive shelter, friction fire, to making burn bowls, everyone remained enthusiastic and eager to learn more. Many skills were taught and instruction ran late into the evenings. If you live out west and Alabama is just too far to come take a class, or if you would just like to see the shop and learn some great skills in the mountains of Idaho, this is the class for you!