WTS kestrel 4500. RRS scope mount and chronograph

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    1BB3DF4D-76E4-4F63-8422-E6BC1639FD51.jpeg F729C70F-8EDD-476F-84B7-A6FFB0C618D3.jpeg 9B4D9D59-813E-44B4-A164-F7EE7BFFA072.jpeg 2B79637D-F314-4273-B28B-A4CD9F0DB5B9.jpeg 4CDE74CA-B296-47A3-8216-7DBB75CE368E.jpeg E3E06BB3-131F-4C97-AB4E-7A5440281423.jpeg Need to find a new pack so a few solid items for sale

    First up
    Kestrel 4500NV $175
    Recently sent in to confirm calibration
    Whether your a long range shooter, hunter or just someone who likes to keep tabs on the weather this is a great piece of kit

    Really Right Stuff 34mm scope mount $295
    My mistake is your gain. This mount was a 1/16” of an inch too low for my set up. These are in such high demand they have been back ordered for a month.
    34mm ring 20moa 1.26” high. Built in bubble level. Also comes with tool to make sure you don’t can’t the scope when installing it. One of the finest machined pieces I’ve ever held. The build quality is off the charts.

    Chrony Beta Master chronographer $90
    If your shooting 300yards plus you need to know your muzzle velocity. You can’t guess and you can’t assume. Remove the margin of error. This unit has the remote screen so you can set it at the bench. recently upgrades to a labradar sonthis one isn’t needed anymore like new in box

    PayPal preferred. $5 shipping CONUS

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