Tactical Hog Control

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    Any of you Texas boys ever heard of this place? My Cousin and I are planning an Oct. '17 trip down just for this hunt. He's in WA and I'm in Ohio. It'll be his boy's first hunt and we're all stoked to do this. Their schrick is NV/Thermal hog hunting. Cousin is a prior service SF guy and works on for the Port Authority, so I'm planning to learn as much from him as I can, so it's more like a hunt and a class for the price of one event. If anybody has had experience with this outfit, or knows anybody who has hunted with them, please post up your thoughts. It's not cheap to do, but they supply all the NV gear, plus AR's and ammo. Meat can be taken, but I don't think either of us are interested in paying freight on something we can buy cheaper back home. I hope there's some good feedback; this is gonna be cool!

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