SALE: Freeze-Dried Meals from Mountain House and AlpineAire

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    Great news, everyone! We're now a dealer for both AlpineAire Foods and Mountain House. AND, we're running a sale: Buy a minimum of four meals and get 20% off ALL meals in your cart. You can find it all here:

    With this deal, you can mix and match brands and meals as desired, and the discount will automatically apply to all. No discount codes needed. Buy a minimum of 4 meals and you will also automically qualify for free 2-day shipping, as long as you don't use a PO Box as your shipping address.

    This deal does not apply to Mountain House's #10 cans, nor to AlpineAire's 3-day and 7-day Meal Kits. This discount also does not apply to other, non-food items in your cart.

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