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    The Land of Copperheads and Baccer Spit
    Rules of Engagement:

    1. Obligatory typical forum rules: Be nice, respectful, professional, etc.

    2. No passive aggressive behaviors and feeble attempts at psychological entrapment. Most of the folks here deal with a multitude of stressors on a daily basis. If your life is so dismal that you spend every free moment searching this forum for a minor contradiction, you are not welcome. That being said, we function on facts. If you disagree, prove it with EBD or vetted experiential evidence.

    3. This forum is team and team room oriented. This means while we will stay focused, gallows humor is often necessary for all of us but may be offensive to some.

    4. Personal experience stories are encouraged along with trip reports, course reviews, and other topics that you feel will enhance our knowledge base.

    5. Stay in your lane. If your only healthcare experience is picking a hangnail then don't try to advise someone else on treating a GSW. Same rule applies for black magic, sorcery, and divine prognosticating. This forum needs the how and why along with potential complications.

    6. HIPAA and OPSEC apply. If you responded to the ASS at the elementary school yesterday, do not disclose recognizable facts or tactics. Speak in general terms. Case study format is preferred.

    7. Healthcare management is more than stopping bleeding. Use this forum to discuss your tools, recommendations, strategies, and goals for maintaining psychosocial and physical readiness.

    8. Our natural environment is a great source of medicinal resources. Delving into this topic is encouraged. This means plant identification and use. Again, please have facts to support your claim that include adverse reactions, mechanism of action, and potential interactions. Keep in mind that at least 70% of the US population takes some form of prescription medication and many of those are psychoactive.

    9. Avoid derailing a discussion topic with a distracter. Start another thread.

    10. Competitions and challenges are welcome if utilized to provide motivation for forum members. Keep them fair and honest. Some topics might include weight loss, lifting, running, shooting drills, etc. Please, no "MOA all day" statements when you really have never shot your weapon.

    11. Family activity reports that promote health and well being are encouraged because if your family is healthy your stress level is improved. Show us how you promote wellness.

    12. There is not a healthcare practitioner/patient relationship on this forum. Any information obtained from this forum should be verified for accuracy. You are responsible for your own actions. For example, if a member posts that drinking Narcissus stew will cure my receding hairline and I follow the advice, I am accountable for the outcome. In other words, the forum owners and posters are not liable for anything posted here.

    13. As always... gear photos, general questions, and related are welcome.
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