Molle Backer & Sheath Color For Use With Multicam

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Molle Backer & Sheath Color Preference?

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  1. OD & OD

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  2. Khaki & Coyote

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    Which color molle backer and sheath will blend best with multicam gear? The Khaki appears to have a slight green tint which looks like it will work well, OD is traditionally quite dark in 1000D cordura. Just trying to get a feel for the actual colors as they can vary in photos.

    Are there any plans for an ESEE 5 sheath in OD or Coyote similar to the 3, 4, 6 etc ?

    Any aftermarket ESEE 5 sheaths in Coyote that anyone could recommend that are compatible with ESEE Molle backer and ESEE accessory pouch?
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    Southern Ohio
    I don't stress too much over my color palette looking perfect these days. There was a time in my life that I'd have never dreamt of going out into the woods with mixed Realtree and Mossy Oak patterns, because the sticks looked different in them...but nope, not anymore.

    My current woods-going getup would make some folks' eyes twitch. Chest rig is coyote, backpack is so mixed up between manatee/foliage/ranger/khaki/etc that we've come to call it "50 shades of grayN"(grey/green). Typically throw on some combo of coyote/ranger/Multicam/Polish Woodland/khaki/etc. But I digress. The idea is to break up your silhouette utilizing varying micro/macro patterns. If at any distance a person sees you and thinks "LOLZ that guy's sheath is the wrong shade of green to go with his Multicam!!!" ... Then frankly, you're doing it wrong anyway.
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