Guide Gear Outdoor Stove first impressions.

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    Got my new tent stove in. Guide Gear Outdoor Stove. Wasn't my first choice but the size and price were right what I was looking for. It was right at $109 shipped from Amazon.

    Another major pro I like other than the price is the thick steel its made from. I was looking really hard at the Knico stoves but all the long term reviews I looked at the stoves were rusted out due to the lightweight metal. A heavy stove isn't an issue for me because I'll be in my truck.

    Got it put together today after work and did a first burn to burn off all the factory paint and what not. Loaded it with a bunch of oak kindling and some bigger pieces and let it go. All the reviews I read on this one said it didn't draft worth a dang with the door closed. Even with all the vents open, and this was true with the one I got. I pulled the seal off the stop part of the door and that seemed to remedy the issue. Lots of nasty smoke came off of everything for about 45 minutes. After that it wasn't even smoking out the stove pipe with the door closed.

    The only thing I don't like is the door handle. Its pretty much useless so I'll have to come up with something better.

    122659A4-31B1-42B2-801B-32BFFB0F283A.jpeg F66F5037-0FBE-4371-984F-5CC844EA6650.jpeg 5EEA3F9A-FF88-4806-8842-4E61060250B5.jpeg EDCCB9AF-C1AD-48B6-80B8-3463F605BE77.jpeg 2FB6A95B-2288-4DB7-8E8A-4CD7978B2D18.jpeg

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