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    Not long ago I ordered a couple of First Lite Duffles to replace some gear from other companies that were: 1. Claimed by other family members and 2. Loaned to a friend and lost by an airline.

    I chose the First Lite Duffles because I'm increasingly trying to be very careful what companies I give money to.

    They come in one color and three sizes.

    I've taken them on several trips now and really like that the extra organization they offer over other similar bags. Not only does it come in handy for general traveling, but when packing for a specific event such as a long trail race or fly and buy of a vehicle being able to separate muddy and wet clothes and gear or tools saves a lot of time and hassle.

    They offer a zippered compartment on each end of the bag. Inside is a divider that has several individual sleeve pockets. At each end of the interior is a stuff pocket with a small piece of velcro to keep it closed. These work great for socks and gloves or a packable day pack.

    I like that nothing on the bag indicates that it is made made by a company who primarily produces stuff for hunters.
    I hunt and am proud of it, but in some mixed company it saves a lot of unnecessary conversations.

    I like that one side had molle type attachment points, but that the entire bag isn't covered in it. Great for hanging both a small first aid kit and a trauma specific kit off of when needed.

    The shoulder straps work well and when detached could probably be used to pull a stuck vehicle with another vehicle.

    I've carried the medium as a backpack for five miles and while it wasn't as comfortable as one of my Gossamer Gear bags, obviously, it wasn't uncomfortable.

    I've strapped the bag to top of a car and even though it isn't waterproof, it kept a mild rain and a lot of dust out.

    The zipper pulls are strong and easy to use with gloves on.

    They aren't the cheapest bags out there and currently you don't have choices of color. I like the color that they offer, but some may not.

    While the added organization is nice over bags like the Basecamp and Blackhole, I could do without all the small sleeve pockets on the divider. For those that fly often they can be a liability if you have hobbies whose gear can't fly with you unchecked.

    Sorry that there aren't pics, but my old smartphone is dieing and I've yet to succumb to my wife's requests to replace it with something with a functioning camera. Or charging system. Etc. Etc.

    Anyway, if you are in the market for a duffle, give the First Lite stuff a look.
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