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    Recently, I was on the hunt for another trout setup. Not sure why, I have plenty, just felt the urge. I did some research on what’s pretty good these days, multiple sites and followed up with amazon reviews. I stumbled upon this company that I hadn’t heard of, Cadence. Their reviews were really good. I bought a rod along the lines of what I’m catching and added a matching reel, CR-5 and CS-5.

    It arrived and I have to admit, the rod feels pretty good in the paws and reel is very smooth. I slapped some braid on, a flouro leader and hit the hills. I warmed up to this setup quickly. I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites, pretty light also. It’s very sensitive, no brainer when to set the hook. The drag works as advertised, easy to adjust if you snag a bigger fish. The price for this setup was a smidge over $100.

    Some stats:
    —Rod is 6’ medium light/fast
    —4-10LBS line

    —Reel is 36 pounds max drag, I think this reel is closer to 19LBS
    —Carbon body, 9 bearing, 6.2:1

    Bass setup:
    I bought this with the notion of using crank bait, jerk bait , senkos...etc. I have yet to snag a bass with it. I’ve caught a mess of trout on it, inadvertently, with a flat side Rat-L-Trap. Again, feels pretty good, not as good as my trout setup but very good nonetheless.

    —Rod 6’8” medium/very fast CR-7
    —Good for 6-12LBS line

    —Reel CS-8, again rated to 36LBS max drag
    —10 low torque bearings and 6.2:1


    Just wanted to share my experience. Grew up using Fenwick (the old ones), Uglies and St. Croix. Hopefully, this is helpful.

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