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    I hate these things with a passion, but started thinking about what to do with them once we're all inoculated, presuming that the vaccine doesn't cause us to grow gills or go all zombie.
    My face gets cold when winter walking, running, hiking and snowshoeing, but most of the time I don't need a full-on winter face mask or balaclava and most of the Covid masks I've seen, including these from Outdoor Research, pretty much suck when wet. I did some research and discovered that grid fleece would meet my needs. I couldn't find any at a local fabric store and didn't want to order a full roll, so I found some clothing at a local military surplus store (only buy the tops, not the bottoms.)
    After washing, I cut off the sleeves to use first and now have the body as extra material or just to wear.
    Got some mild use over the past week and they work great to keep my mouth and nose warm enough to function. With the grids, breathability is just fine, but I may need to remove a layer of the mask itself if I use this during high exertion.
    The grid fleece is not supported in the mask so it did move around some, but was still functional. I may dedicate this mask to winter use only and attach the fleece to the mask with a few stitches.
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    In the middle
    Looks nice.

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