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    I picked one of these up for my mossberg 500, 18.5” barrel shotgun. Magpul hit it out of the park with this design. The gun came with a pistol grip, it was fun for a while but not much use. I ended up getting a speed feed stock that had a pistol grip with a full buttstock. I never was happy with it. It has a pretty aggressive negative angle like a FAL stock. Target loads are ok but getting into buck shot, slugs and 3” magnum slugs/buck shot it felt like getting punched in the jaw.
    I tested the Magpul out today with target loads, hornady 3” turkey loads that don’t pattern well in my other 500 hunting shotgun and 3” magnum #4 buck. Safety manipulation is much easier than even a standard shotgun stock. Recoil is still brutal with the 3” magnum loads but very little of it is transferred to the cheek compared to the speed feed and a standard stock.
    I will be replacing the stock on my hunting 500 with the Magpul sga eventually. I will get some pics and post them soon.

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