Lite Machete (benchmark for comparison)

Discussion in 'ESEE / RAT Videos' started by Cliff Stamp, Jun 7, 2020.

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    Just playing around with the lite machete :

    To be clear, I had to regrind the other knife to even get it to be in the same class, as boxed, well it wasn't really productive, it just had a single grind of 17 degrees per side.

    Even with the extensive regrind, the Pal is still a lot heavier (blade profile wise) and the ESEE cuts way better even when I significantly damage it at one point by smashing the tip into some rocks.

    I sharpened that out, maybe 30 seconds that evening on cheap ~100 grit stone, the steel is great for a machete, very tough, easy to grind, minimal damage even on heavy contacts.

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