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    Hello All!

    New forum poster here! Hope all is well!

    Was at a local gun range a few weeks ago in Southern Maine. Bought a new Laser Strike for my hunting survival pack. What a great knife! Been on my side while I have been in the woods the past couple of weeks during deer season.

    I seem to have caught the “ESEE Bug”. I just bought a stainless izula kit from knife center and have been carrying that when I have been closer to home and around town for about a week or so.

    The stainless izula in 440c is such a great knife, held a great edge and have not had to touch up the edge much.

    My question is the availability of the product. I have a bad habit of loosing my knives. Whether it is on the forest floor or accidentally dropping one at the mall, it’s unfortunately one of my weaknesses. I have noticed on BladeHQ and Knifecenter’s website that the product is “discontinued” and “out of stock”. Is this great knife out of production? Not that I don’t mind the 1095 steel, I just am partial to stainless.

    Hope all is well, 73 and god bless,

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