Cure for Deer Flies

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    I thought I would just put this here. Deer flies have been trying to eat me alive while mowing this summer. When I get down next to the woods, it is something out of a horror movie. They swarm all around me. This has got to stop.

    I googled a repellent and found what seems to be a good one. The concoction consists of 9 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil and one part Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree is an essential oil and can be found in lots of places. I mixed up a batch this morning and got on the mower. I did not perform my normal circus act of swinging my cap and trying to steer the mower. I just let them go. I was bitten one time on the temple, forgot to apply concoction there. I put some in that area and not another bite. They would land on me, then fly away without biting. It is also said to protect against almost all biting flies. Supposedly, you can add citronella oil in an equivalent amount to the Tea Tree oil. That should keep mosquitoes away.

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