ESEE ® Warranty       


We will not honor any warranty request for any knife marked "ESEE Knives" that was made in China - These are counterfeit ESEE knives are being sold on Ebay by sellers such as amyv732012, kaluoseller2009, and others. If you want a genuine ESEE Knife, be sure to buy from our authorized dealers.  Learn how to spot a fake by looking at this counterfeit Izula and this counterfeit. Please note: any Izula with serial # 51455 is a made in China counterfeit.

Rowen Made ESEE Knives No Questions Asked Warranty:

If you break it, we will replace it. Warranty is lifetime and transferable. In other words, we warranty the knife no matter how many times it's been traded, sold or given away - no sales receipt or proof of purchase required.

A lot of folks have asked us how we can stay in business offering such great customer service and warranty protection. The answer is simple; we believe that American consumers, as a whole, are honest people. The occasional customers who are dishonest are few and far between, so even if we lose every once in a while due to dishonesty, our reputation of great customer service, regardless of the situation, brings us more good customers.

ESEE KNIVES ARE NOT THROWING KNIVES! They are hardened to a higher Rockwell than throwing knives and will most likely break if thrown, possibly harming the user. So, do yourself and your ESEE knife a favor and DO NOT throw it. Using any knife not meant to be thrown as a throwing knife is idiotic! We would rather idiots not buy our knives.

Note: We do not warranty our 440C Stainless Steel knives from abuse. It should be noted that 440C is not as flexible as our carbon steels. Any excessive flexing will cause the knife to break.

We do not warranty against rust or normal wear and tear. Our carbon steel knives are made from 1095 High Carbon Steel. And while 1095 is a top choice for professional field knives, it will rust and stain if not properly cared for - especially on the cutting edge and around the laser engraving. It is the user's responsibility to keep the blades properly lubricated and cleaned. We suggest a dry film inhibitor such as TUF-GLIDE or TUF-CLOTH. We use a baked on powder coat on all of our coated knives. It is normal for the coating to wear with use.

NOTE: The warranty does not apply to the Lite Machete since the blade of the machete is made by Imacasa in El Salvador. With that said, if you have any issues with the Lite machete, contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

You must complete this form and return it with your knife. You must email us a tracking number and the reason you are returning the knife for warranty repair/replacement. The knife must be returned using a Priority Mail Box. We suggest you email us before returning the knife since we do not warranty normal wear and tear.

Randall's Adventure & Training only guarantees and offers customer service on knives built by ESEE Knives (Formerly RAT Cutlery Company) and any knife manufactured by RAT Cutlery Company before the name changed to ESEE Knives. Randall's Adventure & Training does not guarantee or offer any customer service for knives that are manufactured by any other company. Randall's Adventure & Training does not guarantee or offer a warranty on any knife manufactured by Ontario Knife Company. Please view the history page for more information.

Photo Above:  This particular knife was shot by an idiot with various calibers until it broke. We replaced it.