ESEE® Knives Stocking Dealers & Distributors  


ESEE Knives does not sell directly to any of the online market sites such as Amazon or Planet Optical, nor do any of  our whole sale distributors sell directly to them.  We do not recommend buying there unless it is through one of our authorized dealers found here. These large online market sites are simply not knowledgeable about knives and/or associated products, thus customer service through them cannot be the same quality you will get from an authorized dealer.


Furthermore, sites like Ebay, Ali Baba and Ali Express have become nothing more than a thieves' market place and are riddled with counterfeit products.  They have consistently refused to remove counterfeit listings, thus increasing the odds that your purchase there may be counterfeit and leaving you with no recourse and no warranty.  We do not recommend doing business at those sites period.


To insure your purchase will carry our warranty and customer service, please buy through a knowledgeable dealer that understands the products they sell. For more information about the counterfeiting taking place, please see this page.


The following are independent stocking dealers / distributors for ESEE Knives. If you stock ESEE Knives, please email us and we will add your web site and/or physical location to this page. The "Top 5" list below is based on previous year's sales totals as well as customer feedback on the company. The top retailer for the year receives a banner ad at the top of the page.

ESEE ® Knives Top Retailers:






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Knife Center






Walk-In Stores

  • St. Nicks Knives (2601 S. McKenzie St. - Foley, AL)

  • St. Nicks Knives (928 Hwy 72 East - Athens, AL)

  • St. Nicks Knives (2810 Memorial Parkway S. Suite 146  - Huntsville, AL)

  • Russell's Rocking R Company (22370 Bucksville Road, McCalla, Alabama)

  • Hardman Lumber Company (3026 Pine St. - Arkadelphia, AR 71923)

  • Uncle Sam's Safari Outfitters (1494 N. College Ave. - Fayettville, AR)

  • Knife City (7699 Sun Valley Rd. - Holbrook, AZ)

  • Armor-Geddon LLC (10123 North Wolfe Rd # 2116 - Cupertino, CA)

  • Rapid Fire Bunker (5765 S Cutice St. - Littleton, CO)

  • Sharpstuff USA (3300 N. Pace Blvd, Suite L2 - Pensacola, FL)

  • Shooters Firearms (5085 University Blvd. W - Jacksonville, FL)

  • Knives & Defense Depot (1821 Parental Home Rd. - Suite 14 - Jacksonville, FL)

  • Smoky Mountain Trader (18 W. Jarrard St. - Cleveland, GA)

  • Onion Arms Corp (3300 Industrial Parkway - Jeffersonville, IN)

  • Centennial Company (105 Fairbanks -Suite 2 - Marine City, MI)

  • Edgeworks Knife & Supply (200 N. Market St. - Frederick, MD)

  • BackRoads (8460-B, NC HWY 87 - Reidsville, NC)

  • Star Outdoors (31 Rd 6299 - Kirkland, NM)

  • The Long Island Knife Store (298 Maple Ave. -Smithtown, NY)

  • Grady's Great Outdoors (3440 Clemson Blvd. - Anderson, SC)

  • Hunters Headquarters (1845 Calhoun Rd. - Greenwood, SC)

  • The Army Store (10606 Garland Rd. - Dallas, TX)

  • Mad Coins (251 N. Bell Blvd. Suite 114A - Cedar Park, TX)

  • Trading Post & Loan (1500 Av F NW - Childress, TX)

  • Elite Camping & Survival Gear (11502 Cypress North Hosuton, Cypress, TX)

  • BladeOps LLC (1352 West 7800 South - West Jordan, UT)

  • Green Top Hunting & Fishing (10193 Washington Hwy. - Glen Allen, VA)

  • Wade's Eastside Gun Shop (13570 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue WA)

  • East County, Inc. (309 West Main St. - Elma, WA)

  • Beartooth Mercantile (197 Diamond Basin Rd. - Cody, WY)


Walk-In Store and Web Store

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International Dealers & Distributors


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